2015 Mississippi 50 Trail Run

Online registration has ended. Spots are still available.
Print an entry form, fill out, and bring to registration
Friday night. T-shirt sizes can not be guaranteed to late
entries, but we have a good stock.

Trophy winners from 2013 and 2014 will receive a complimentary entry. If you received a MS50 trophy in 2013 or 2014 and have not received an e-mail invitation, please contact us.
Please note - like most events, our official policy is of necessity that we can not give Refunds or Deferrals to a later year once you are registered. The MS50 is non-profit, and all entry fees are obligated months before the event. No refunds will be given by the MS50 for withdrawals. But new on-line features implemented this year will allow you to edit your registration (e-mail or address changes), transfer events (50M, 50K, 20K), or transfer your entry to some other eligible runner, anytime after you register until 2/15/15. You will be able to do these edits, change events, and transfer to another runner on-line at Active.

We hate it when folks enter and then say they can't come. But when you order 400 of everything, the entry fees are already obligated. Active now offers entry insurance, which will provide a refund if you can not attend. We advise taking advantage of this service while entering on-line.

The MS50 will not be able to issue refunds or deferments under any circumstances.

Online registration powered by Active.com.



By editing your registration, you can edit your personal information, transfer the event category (20K, 50K or 50M), or transfer registration to another participant.

Note that we over-register our NFS permit to allow for dropouts and no-shows. Rest assured that if you register you will have no choice but to run or lose big time face.

Results, a report,  and photos will be published in UltraRunning Magazine following the event go to www.ultrarunning.com to subscribe

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If not possible to register on-line, please e-mail us for instructions on getting a paper entry. Print an entry form, fill it out (clearly printing all fields), sign it, have it double checked by a responsible adult, and mail with a check to the address on the form. The Race Director reserves the right to reject all incomplete, indecipherable, or erroneous entry forms. The web messer/registrar reserves the right to be unreasonably put out over having to deal with the paper entry! See or email the web messer to get an entry form.