Longleaf Horse Trail

A probable change: The 50 milers will run the big loop three times, then run the small
loop twice. (In the past, the 50 milers have run the big loop 4 times). This will make
the 50 mile run more interesting, and allow a later cut-off for starting the last lap. The final
decision on the course will be made before the Friday night briefing, and will depend on
course condition and where the NFS has done their season burns.


See  FAQ's on the course, aid stations

See GPS data collected by a runner during the 2009 run.

Here's the USDA Forest Service Brochure on the Longleaf Trail

The MS 50 is run on the two loops at the top of the map 
(It does not use the loop that goes by Tiger Creek church)
The start/finish is at the Longleaf Trail Camping Area (arrow)

Topographic Map

 Unfortunately this map does not show the trails, but it does show the contour lines. Note that the high and low elevations in this area are between 250' and 350', so those of us that have trouble with altitude are safe.

Here's a map hand drawn by Carl Touchstone in 1996