Laurel Leader Call article - 2002 MS 50

From the Laurel Leader Call

By Shawn Wansley, Sports Editor

DeWayne Satterfield comes to the end of the Carl Touchstone Mississippi Trail 50 Endurance Run Saturday afternoon in the Desoto National Forest. Satterfield finished the 50-Mile Run in 6:33.49.

Satterfield captures annual 
Carl Touchstone 
Mississippi Trail 50 
Endurance Run

The conditions were not great for Saturday's Carl Touchstone Mississippi Trail 50 Endurance Run on the Longleaf Horse Trail in the Desoto National Forest.

But they were better than they were last year.

"Last year, I did the course and the creeks were up to your neck in water," said this year's 50-Mile champion, DeWayne Satterfield, of Huntsville, Ala. "This year, we had some rain, but it was no where near as bad. It hit just about the thigh this year.

"It was muddy. Plus, they added a new section this year and that made it a little bit slower."

Satterfield completed his four laps around the 12.5 mile loop in six hours, 33 minutes and 49 seconds (6:33.49). The race began at 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

"For this weather, I'll take that time," he said. "That's about 10 minutes faster than I ran last year. I'm very happy with that time."

Clinton's Greg Gearhart was second for the men in the 50-Mile event, finishing in 7:31.45 and Bill Hintze was third in 7:51.18.

Satterfield and Dink Taylor - two of the "Huntsville Bad Boys' - and a "Huntsville Bad Girl' - Kathy Youngren - were winners in their respective categories. Taylor won the men's 50K Run in 3:42.21 and Youngren topped the women's 50K in 4:21.03.

The women's 50-Mile winner was Tracy Rose of Acworth, Ga., who finished in 7:08.28. She was followed by Edith Reyns of Oak Park, Ill., who finished in 10:10.59, and Lynlee Woodward of Germantown, Tenn., who finished in 10:46.08.

In the men's 50K, Robert Youngren was second in 3:59:59 and Forrest Callicut was third at 4:31:48. In the women's 50K, Johanna Rogers was second in 4:47.26 and Sally Brooking was third in 4:47.26.

"Dink and I ran together on the first two loops," Satterfield said. "Then, he went off and did his thing for the 50K and I kept going. I slowed down after he left.

"It was fun, though. It got a little warm at the end, but I enjoyed it."

Satterfield, in fact, has participated in all seven Touchstone Mississippi Trail 50 Endurance Runs. He said he will keep coming back as often as possible.

"It's awesome here. The people do a great job with the aid-stations, they are friendly and they help you out," he said. "It's a good "southern hospitality' race. I'll be back every year I can."

Satterfield won the "Mountain Mist' 50K Run in January in Huntsville. In two weeks, he will compete in Birmingham in another 50K Run. He plans to be in the Old Dominion 100-mile Run in Virginia in June.

Race director Steve DeReamer was pleased with Saturday's race.

"The weather turned out well for us," he said. "This race, I think, is going to grow. It will get bigger. Carl and I always tried to show people a really good time when they came here and I think the runners appreciate that."

DeReamer credited sponsors Laurel Dental Association, the Laurel Rotary Club and South Central Regional Medical Center with making the event a success.

"South Central put on a nice pre-race meal last night, a spaghetti dinner at the Wellness Center," he said. "And, they've provided us with a nice post-race meal today, with baked chicken, beans and macaroni and cheese. We couldn't do the race without South Central.

"But, this is a community race and everybody helps."