2002 MS 50 Race Day Pictures

Start.JPG (19241 bytes)They're off, into an odyssey of personal fulfillment


Trophies.JPG (37092 bytes)An impressive trophy awaited the award winners



1st50KF.JPG (33898 bytes)Kathy Youngren, the first female finisher in the 50K comes across the finish line 4th overall


Fem50K1.JPG (22184 bytes)Steve congratulates Kathy on a great run (4:21:03)



DinkTylrJPG.jpg (21621 bytes)Dink Taylor, the first male finisher in the 50K, accepts his award



2nd50KF.jpg (29294 bytes)Johanna Rogers from Georgia, the second female finisher in the 50K, accepts her award



2nd50KM.JPG (13846 bytes)Robert Youngren enjoys walking barefoot after his second place finish in the 50K run



RYoungen.JPG (40557 bytes)Robert Youngren accepts his award



3rd50K.JPG (29080 bytes)Forrest Callicutt was the # 3 male finisher and 4th overall in the 50K



3rd50KM.JPG (26800 bytes)Joe Wallace came across the line 3rd after switching from the 50 Mile to the 50K race


3rd50KF.JPG (21160 bytes)Sally Brooking from Georgia placed 3rd in the 50K



1st50MM.JPG (16733 bytes)De Wayne Satterfield was first overall in the 50 Mile run



50MFfin2.JPG (22658 bytes) Tracy Rose was second overall and first female in the 50 Miler


50MFfin.JPG (11144 bytes)Tracy looks none the worse for wear after a 50 mile workout



50MFfin3.JPG (23864 bytes)Steve presents Tracy with her 1st place trophy



2nd50MM.JPG (9469 bytes)Greg Gearhart from Mississippi was the second place male and 3rd finisher in the 50 mile run



HowardT.JPG (18711 bytes)Howard Thompson from Columbia gets some refreshments from his wife Mary as he comes by an aid station



HTFinish.JPG (26114 bytes)Howard finishes in 15th place in the 50K



ShnnnMO.JPG (28853 bytes)Mobby enjoys a coke with Shannon Holder after his 50K



Scorers.JPG (34014 bytes)Wyche Neely from Magee did his usual sterling job of scoring the races


Awards.JPG (21109 bytes)Edith Reyns accepts her second place award in the 50M



Laurel.JPG (29969 bytes)Some local runners including Bill Mc Mullan (left), and Rev. Bob Wilkerson (center) enjoy refreshments in the aid tent at the finish line


ILnRS.JPG (18384 bytes)Iva Lightsey and Randy Saxon approach the 50K finish line


HarryS.JPG (20453 bytes)Harry Strohm used hiking poles during his run



AEFinish.JPG (20352 bytes)Antha Estridge picks up the pace on the short loop, and finishes her 50K going strong and looking good



MOnDB.JPG (24261 bytes)Mobby tries desperately to beat Doris Burns, but she ties him right at the line

AEnDB.JPG (25212 bytes)Antha Estridge and Doris Burns start their recuperations in the shade of the aid station after finishing the 50K



Atlanta.JPG (32148 bytes)Sally Brooking and Marty Coleman lounge at the finish line to watch others work after doing the 50K   



Goodform.JPG (21931 bytes)Bill Hintze cruises along, his good form making it look easy 



Emserv.JPG (26747 bytes)Latrelle and Clay with EMServ were there in case anyone needed medical care



EBFinish.JPG (18770 bytes)Running Bear finishes the 50K


Relax.JPG (37435 bytes)After their run, many runners relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the plate lunch provided by the South Central Regional Medical Center