Steve Thanks the sponsors and workers

The Carl Touchstone Mississippi Trail 50 was a real success this year. Runners came to Laurel from all over the United States. We had a wonderful pre-race banquet provided by South Central Regional Medical Center, and lots of Southern hospitality and fellowship. The weather on race day was great for running and everyone seemed to have a good time. We also had good finishing times turned by all the top runners; Dink Taylor, De Wayne Satterfield, Cathy Youngren, and Tracy Rose.

 I would like to personally thank our sponsors. Without them this race would not be possible.  South Central Regional Medical Center provided the pre and post race banquets, under the supervision of Linda Gavin. They were both superb. We are thankful for the continued support of Doug Higginbotham and Linda Gavin. We also extend appreciation to the Laurel Rotary Club, the Laurel Dental Association and Cellular One, for their support. We are most grateful to local artist Ladonna Walters for the beautiful artwork that graced the race tee shirts and finisher plaques. These were truly beautiful this year. I am very grateful to Wm. F. Horne and Johanna Newcomb of Horne CPA Group for keeping up with our finances.

 We would like to thank Dr. Wick Neally from Magee, for coming and providing our clock and keeping the race times. Also I appreciate the work Elmer and Ann Beardshall did putting pictures and results on the Internet.

 Aid Station workers are the backbone of Race Day. Start/Finish Captain Ann Poole, Robbie Troyka, Jeff Troyka, Ann Beardshall. Aid Station #1 Captain Patsy Foster, Diane & Toby Warren, Sandy Saxon, Kathy Dill, Mason Wood. Aid Station #2 Captain Marsha DeReamer and Susan Brossette, who also helped with pre-race registration. Aid Station #3 Captain Steve Burgess and Bryan and Matt McDonald. Aid Station 50K Justin Touchstone, Wanda Touchstone and Kris Williams. These people came early and stayed late.

 A great big thanks to these people who worked the trail and other jobs putting the race on. Marsha DeReamer; worked set up, registration, aid station, administrative tasks. Mobby Overstreet: administrative tasks, trail cleanup, new section of trail, registration, over 100 hours of trail work, public relations. Shannon Holder: trail cleanup, new section of trail, aid station, over 100 hours of trail work, public relations. Bill Mc Mullan: pre and post trail setup, public relations. Jeff Troyka: pre and post trail cleanup, aid station. Bill Matheny, from Gulfport, trail cleanup; Steve Burgess, from Brandon, trail cleanup and aid station. John Lewis, of Ellisville, worked trail cleanup. Bob Wilkerson, of Philadelphia, MS, trail cleanup.  Thank you to the U. S. Forest Service for their help and support: Kim Smith, Doye Lindsey, Bob Smiley, Ron Bush. Thank you to the Laurel Leader Call and WDAM TV for coming out to the race site and for your superb coverage.            

Sincerest of Thanks

Steve De Reamer
MS 50 Race Director