Audrey Jackson was first in the 20K
Race Director Dennis Bisnette presents the 2010 20 K First Place
trophy to Audrey Jackson from nearby Hattiesburg MS.

50K winner was Chris Shirlow
Race official Taylor Duffy presents the 50K First Place trophy to
Kellie Smirnoff from Jacksonville Florida.

Ten (10) Year Awards were presented to Randy Saxon and Doris Burns.
They both also received Special Merit Awards. Randy was voted
Best Dressed Aid Station Worker, and Doris got Best Blood.

Steve Dereamer
Steve DeReamer served as Race Director from 1996-2004

Aid Station
Once again we had a problem with aid station workers not taking their awesome responsibilities seriously enough. Unfortunately this teletubby was not even the worst offender. We promise to do better next year. 


March 6, 2010 
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