Volunteer Run

Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi 50 Trail Volunteer Run

Each year a Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi 50 Trail Volunteer Run is held the weekend before the open event. This is a closed race for specially qualified* ultra runners only. The Volunteer run is an official MS50 Trail run, and counts toward the ten year award.

In 2010 Gary Thornton, Iva Lightsey, Lori Ladd, Charles Felsher, Michael Yarbrough, Randy Saxon, David Dill and Dennis Bisnette ran the volunteer run and each completed 50 K. They were each awarded finisher medals and race shirts.

On race eve the volunteer runners help mark and set up the course, and then man the prerace dinner and registration. Race day they were back in the woods in the wee hours to finish set-up of all the aid stations and finish line. Then Michael, Randy,Charles, Thornton, Iva, and Lori all manned aid stations. David Dill ran the start/finish line and posted results to the official timing boards, and Dennis was Race Director, managing all the details involved with such a huge event. All were on station at least by 0330 and did not leave till everything was taken down and loaded on the rental truck at 7 pm.

A quality race could not be put on without knowledgeable, able, runners willing to sacrifice the time and effort involved. They give up their chance to be a participant in the only ultra run in Mississippi. The Volunteer Run gives them the opportunity to run an equally challenging (and even more prestigious ?) Spring ultra locally. Many thanks and Kudos to David, Charles, Randy, Lori, Iva, Michael, Gary, and Dennis.

* Must be breathing, physically fit enough to stand up all day, and pledge to work your tail off race eve and race day.

Charles and  Randy
Gary, Iva, and Lori
Dennis Bisnette, RD
David Dill
Michael Yarborough