Active Reviews


These are some of the reviews posted to during the week following the race:

Kimberly Melton said:

I absolutely loved this race! A friend talked me into it and 4 of us did the 20K and we had a BLAST! The mud, rain, volunteers, aide stations, everything was perfect for a fun day that was a great physical challenge! Met people along the way from ALL over! Loved the prizes and goody bag!

Borntarun said:

OUTSTANDING! Dennis and his crew put on a great race. This national forest in south Mississippi is a treasure and the perfect venue for a trail run. The mud and water just added to the adventure. I will run this every year.

TroyMouton said:

To those of you who helped make this event possible, THANK YOU! This was my first 50k and first trail run, and the experience was positively riveting. Despite the "incredible" weather conditions, I can only echo the sentitments voiced by others: this was a wonderful race/experience, and I look forward to returning next year (for the 50-miler). Thanks again!


Cari Trappe said:

Amazing day! Definitely one for the memory books! The race, the atmosphere, the volunteers were all more than what I had hoped for for my first ultra and trail run. The rain, lightening, and lakes all added up to one crazy adventure. I never thought I would have to do the free style stoke during a 50 mile run (and I'm not exaggerating - lap 4 and especially lap 5 it was quicker to swim than to walk). I'm thankful that no one was injured in the storm. If anyone is debating whether or not to do this race in 2012 - DO IT - you will be very pleased. Thanks for a great race!

jimhalsey said:

I had an amazing day in the woods. No way to thank the volunteers enough for staying out in that weather. It changed from a running race to an adventure race once the worst of the storms hit. Everything was handled well, and went off smoothly. Hope to be back again.

Victor Fleitas said:

An all around wonderful event in a beautiful setting with excellent race direction and even better volunteers. I ran the 20k this year and will be back again and again. I really want to check out the "short" loop next year.

Thomas W. Barlow said:

I relearned two things during my first 50 miler at this race. First, how quickly the miles go by when I am running with someone else in a race. I train solo, but ran long sections of the race with different people I was meeting for the first time. Second, and this hit me most powerfully on the flooded short loop before Dennis pulled us off for "weather," the primal struggle of man and nature on the trail, in bad conditions, when no one else is in sight. This is something we celebrate, and something we cannot find in road races. Thank you Dennis, and all your great volunteer for making this possible.

tanlea said:

I ran the 20k which was my first race of any kind. All time expectations went out with the mud, and it was a blast!! It was over way too quickly (not that I am fast at all!). Every element of the race was great: volunteers, pre-race dinner, RD, loot, organization... Despite the weather and trail conditions (or perhaps because of), fellow runners remained positive and encouraging throughout the race. Seriously considering this one again next year!

rjwiley11 said:

What an experience! I had a wonderful time and can't stop smiling, thinking about slip-sliding my way down the hills. My friend had one of her shoes stolen by the mud monster. The volunteers..."10's". Marlboro's! Will recruit as many as I can to join me for next years race.

Goundas said:

My first trail race (20k), and it was the best race I have ever done. Goodbye long road races, I am hooked on running in the woods. I mean training was fun, but the race was the best. Usually I am checking my watch and wondering what mile I am on, but not once did the distance bother me. I cannot stop talking about how much fun it was. See you next year, and the next, and the next, and so on!!! MS50