MS50 2013 Shadow Run

Indiana Guardsman

4 members of the 38th Sustainment Brigade of the Indiana National Guard and one member of the Pennsylvania National Guard will participate in this year's Mississippi 50 Trail Run. The 38th Brigade deployed from Kokomo IN to Kuwait in August 2012. The runners entered are experienced marathoners and ultra runners, and at least one has previously run the MS50. This is the MS50's first ever shadow run, and we are honored to have these servicemen, heroes all, participate in our event.
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Mission Statement: The 38th Sustainment Brigade provides command and control for all units and provides sustainment in an area of operations as defined by the higher sustainment command. 

In deployment the 38th Sustainment Brigade plans and executes theater opening, distribution, sustainment, reception, staging, and onward movement of military forces in full spectrum operations as directed by the expeditionary or theater sustainment command. State or nation-side, the 38th Sustainment Brigade alerts, assembles, and conducts support operations to civil authorities for homeland defense or disaster relief. 

Runners Participating:

Chris Jennings - 50M
Moriah Addington - 50M
Darren Minnemann - 50M
Jeramie Baty - 50M
Matthew Reilly - 50M  (PA National Guard)

They will run on the day the Volunteer Run (February 16th) is run in Mississippi. The course they will run is a 9 mile loop and they will use GPS to mark off the number of loops and partial loops they have to run to get the required distance. Surprisingly, the course in Kuwait is very similar to the Mississippi except in those aspects which are different (virtually all). Heat, sand, and IEDs should make their course equally if not more challenging.